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Smile Innovation’s Watch — #10

Smile Innovation’s Watch — #10

🤔Wait a minute! Is it already 2 weeks? Did we send the previous Tech watch 14 days ago? Is that email you didn’t read and staying in your inbox already aged 1209600 seconds?

Nope! Don’t worry. We try to get more on time with our newsletter and instead of marking a leaping issue, we push you an extra one. In this bonus edition: Flying motorbike 🏍, AI 🧠, ubiquity superpower ♊️, home assistant becoming HAL9000 little brothers 🤖and a collection of things that don’t scale 📶.

This is Smile’s Innovation Watch.

Innovation • /ˌɪnəˈveɪʃən/

Artificial intelligence predicts Alzheimer’s years before diagnosis

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology improves the ability of brain imaging to predict Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study.

Spatial — Collaborate from anywhere in Augmented Reality

Spatial turns the space around you into a 3d shared AR workplace. Remote users can collaborate, search, brainstorm and share content as if they were in the same room with an augmented reality headset.

Dubaï: police is testing flying motorbike

(reads in 🇫🇷) Police of the 1st city of UEA is trying the Hoverbike S3, a motorbike which is flying thanks to multiple drones.

Focal by North

Introducing Focals, custom-built smart glasses with a holographic display only you can see. Stay connected to the people, places, and things that matter most.

Acquisition • /ˌakwɪˈzɪʃ(ə)n/

Legrand bought Netatmo

The (still young) French company has just been acquired by Legrand. Not a big surprise, since Legrand already controls a part of the Netatmo capital since November 2015. Legrand hopes to boost his domotics products. Fred Potter, founder of Netatmo, take the position of CTO of Legrand’s program Eliot, dedicated to IoT.

Apple rachète Silk Labs, une startup qui mixe IA et protection de la vie privée

Apple just acquired a company specialised in I.A. Not a gargantuan buyout but it will reinforce the team on Apple side for this technology field.

Privacy • /ˈpɹaɪ.və.si/

French supreme court rules that Uber eats / Deliveroo / … delivery men are employees

(read in 🇫🇷) The decision could have a big impact on the economic model of all the platform which promises you to get delivered from any restaurant you could want. Will it lead to a better retribution scheme (like in the USA) or will it sign the end of that kind of services?

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips

Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage employees.


Researchers built a smart dress to show how often women are groped at clubs

Three women were groped a combined 157 times over the course of nearly four hours. Could you believe that? 👗👈

Fun • /fʌn/

The future with home assistants is not scary … at all

(watch in 🇺🇸, read in 🇫🇷) Where our smart speaker will stop in term of privacy intrusion? A new fun but still freaking video try to explore the possible futures. Spoiler: it gets worst.

Thousands Under 90

Are you a creative person that constantly submits to competitions but never gets in? Are you over 30 and bummed that you missed your chance to be a 30 under 30? or 40 under 40? or any random number under same random number? Well, here’s an award for you.-

A collection of unscalable startup hacks crowdsourced from founders

Did you know Pebble assembled the first several hundred watches themselves? Airbnb rented a $5,000 camera and went door to door taking pro pictures of as many NYC listing as possible? Some things don’t scale. But does it mean they are worthless?

That’s all folks !

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