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Smile’s Innovation Watch #31

Smile’s Innovation Watch #31

🍁It’s the fall season. Some of us are in love with the beautiful colors of the landscape, and some have their mood sinking as the RMS Titanic. That’s why we wanted to go with some lighter content with this edition.

Sustainability, fun, and trends only. Less technical, more inspiring. Food for your thoughts.

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🌱 Sustainability & Society

WISAMO inflated wing to reduce fuel consumption

WISAMO is an innovation initiative from Michelin Group. It develops an inflated, foldable, and automated wing using wind propulsion as a hybrid solution to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions like CO². The wing can be adapted to any vessel, new ones or the ones already operating: Ro-Ro, bulk cargos, oil and gas tankers, containers, and sailing and yacht boats. Thanks to WISAMO, Michelin aims to contribute to maritime transport decarbonization.

The French army is testing Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot in combat scenarios

The French army is testing Boston Dynamic’s robot dog in combat exercises to seek the potential of robotic assistance to human soldiers.

😁 Fun & WTF

Start Your Own ISP

Aspire to start your own ISP? There’s now a very detailed extensive online guide to that!

Hologram Experts Can Now Create Real-Life Images That Move in the Air

Thanks to our retina persistence, researchers are now using light to draw holograms in thin air without the need for special see-through panels

DOOM Captcha — Captchas don’t have to be boring

Why does Captcha have to be boring? Introducing, DOOM Captcha 😁

📊 Trends

Google is opening its first physical retail store this summer in NYC

Google is opening a physical retailing space, kinda like an Apple Store, but for Google products. The first location to open in their Chelsea HQ (which already showcase some product and host some Google training & meetup sessions).

Twitter confirms “Twitter Blue”, which costs $2.99 per month

Twitter is about to launch a premium service called “Twitter blue”, which costs $2.99 per month and will let you edit your tweet, change the UI color & icon, and have bookmarks.

Apple developing new ‘Apple Pay Later’ service

Apple is ready to launch “Apple Pay Later”. A monthly instamment with 0% financing over 24 months provided by Goldman Sachs in white label for Apple. And this new payment scheme will NOT require having an Apple card.

That’s all folks!

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